Business Services

Small Businesses Services

Listed below are typical services that are available for clients. The extent of the services provided will depend upon the size of the engagement and the needs of the client. We recommend that in conjunction with the client, we analyze their enterprise and determine which services are needed to meet their goals and objectives.

startup-iconSmall Business Start-Up
& Entity Selection

  • Advise business in choosing appropriate entity type
  • Update business in the future with the most tax efficient entity choice
  • Help protect personal assets from unnecessary risks and ensure that you will pay the lowest possible tax

Payroll Processingpayroll-icon

  • Implement a computerized payroll system
  • Provide preparation of payroll related tax forms
  • W-2 processing
  • Advise and administer benefit plans for employees


  • Monthly financial statement
  • General ledgers to support financial statements
  • Employee earnings records
  • Account reconciliations
  • Assistance with monthly, quarterly and annual closing routines
  • Bookkeeping


  • Accounting and administrative controls
  • Analyzing growth opportunities
  • Organizing, planning, and monitoring business activities
  • Analyzing operating results
  • Cash management and planning
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Tax Preparationtaxicon

  • Income tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, and corporations
  • Inform clients of new and changing tax laws

*For more information on the above services, you may contact our office at 989-832-5400, Ext 7.