Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is the system that provides wage replacement, medical, and rehabilitation benefits to workers who are injured on the job. Medical is covered from day one of an accident. No lost wages are paid for an injury that lasts only one week. Should the disability last beyond one week, the worker is entitled to lost wages as of the eighth day after the injury. If the disability continues for two weeks or longer, then the worker is entitled to be paid lost wages retroactively back to the beginning of the first week.

When injured, a worker should notify the employer of a work-related injury or illness as soon as he or she is aware of the injury or illness. The employer may direct the injured worker to a treating physician or medical facility of the employer’s choice for the first 10 days of care following the injury or illness. After the first 10 days of medical care, injured workers may choose their own treating physician, but they must notify the employer with the name of the chosen health care provider.



Once notified of the injury or illness, the insured employer is responsible for promptly:

  • Filing the “Employers Basic Report of Injury” with Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Agency for all wage loss cases
  • Notifying its insurer of the medical-only cases
  • Informing the provider of the name and address of its insurer or the designated agent of the insurer to whom medical bills should be sent
  • Forwarding any medical bills and documentation received for medical services to the insurer