Policies and Procedures

Payroll Procedures

All timesheets for a consumer are to be faxed in together as a group by noon on Monday of each week. We established this rule to allow sufficient time to prepare payroll checks, process direct deposits and for delivery by the post office. It allows us to know when we can start processing payroll checks.

Individual timesheets that were received late and/or separate from the group will not be processed until the following week. We begin processing payrolls first thing Monday mornings. If we have prepared the payroll for your employer and then receive your timesheet late, processing your late timesheet requires that we reprocess the entire payroll. Reprocessing the payroll to include your check often entails changing the monthly report for the employer, changing the payroll tax returns and payroll tax payments, and correcting the monthly bank reconciliation.

If you are unable to transmit your timesheets as a group or if your timesheet will be late, please call us and let us know! If we know that the timesheets are coming in separately or will be late we can hold off processing the payroll until all the timesheets are in. Unfortunately we can only hold off processing the payroll for so long or payroll checks will be late and this isn’t fair to those employees that sent their timesheets in on time. We can generally hold off processing payroll until Tuesday at noon.

Timesheets will be processed only where correct; timesheet errors will be processed when corrected with the following week’s payroll. Obviously we cannot pay for items which are in error, and unfortunately we usually cannot obtain the correct information in time to process the timesheet. Rather than hold up everyone’s payroll check until the information can be obtained, we process what we can. Only the items in error or question are excluded from the employee’s check. We will notify the employee of any unpaid items on their timesheet with instructions to correct the error and report the time on the following week’s timesheet.

When possible we will make obvious corrections to a timesheet and notify the employee of the correction we made. If they concur they don’t need to do anything; where the employee disagrees with the correction we’ve made, the employee needs to note on their next timesheet what the correction should have been.

Timesheets are processed for a pay period; all timesheets of an employer cover the same pay period. Timesheets which contain dates outside of the pay period will be treated as if it is an error and the dates outside the pay period will not be paid. We will send the employee a payroll processing error sheet notifying them of the error. We will not carryover these hours in our records; the employee must report them in the correct pay period in order to be paid for them.

All time worked must be reported within 30 days in order to be paid. Community Mental Health requires that all charges be submitted to them within a set time frame to be paid; this limit insures that we can submit these charges within their limit.

Need A Paper Check Reissued?

If you choose not to have direct deposit and need a paper check reissued: If your check has not been delivered to you by your payday, our policy is that you wait for 10 business days after that pay date to see if there was a delay in the postal delivery. If after that time it still has not arrived, please call our office and let us know that you have not received that check.

If you call to have your check reissued, please confirm the address we have in our system for you. It is your responsibility to notify this office of any address changes, and neglecting to do so may cause delay in receiving your paycheck. If you sent us a Change of Address form, it may not have been processed yet or the post office hasn’t had a chance to forward your mail yet if you provided them a forwarding address; or in some instances, we were never informed of your address change.

The reissued check will be written and sent to you while we are processing the next week’s payroll. Depending on the county you work in, when your check is reissued, a Stop Payment Fee of $31.00 may be assessed and will be deducted from your reissued check; this will eliminate confusion if the original check arrives, so that both the original and the reissued checks are not both accidentally cashed. If you do happen to cash both, your next paycheck will be garnished for the owed amount.