Virtual Library

Virtual Library

Our virtual library is a powerful tool that provides case managers and participants with instant access to all the documents we create. We highly recommend it for people who wish to stay up to date on all of their account activity. It requires no extra software or downloads and can run on almost any device with access to the internet. The library is available 24/7 and is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

All case managers have access to:

  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Weekly Payroll Reports
  • Personnel Documents
  • Billing Information
  • Agent Files


How to Access

A Quick Guide to DocuShare

You must contact our Library Administrator for a valid username and password to gain access to our virtual library. If you create your own username and password, it will not give you access to any documents until you contact the administrator.

Library Administrator

(989) 832-5400 ext. 5

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